The Bodylastics Strength Training System is the $50 alternative to a Bowflex! You can effectively strength train all of the same muscles for less.

Compare us. Believe it or not, experts are saying you no longer need bulky equipment to get into shape. Remember the important fact: your muscle is blind. It will only know that you are working against resistance not what type of resistance.

The Bodylastics home gym can effectively provide strength training just like the bigger machines but at only 1.5 lbs and at hundreds of pounds and thousands of dollars less. Can you really compare? I used to be a bodybuilder. My close friend is a pro football player. Neither one of us could do a complete curl or squat using the entire resistance level without using it for a while! You may never need that much! But we provide it! In fact if you don't get an amazing workout with Bodylastics, you can return it in 30 days for a full refund - NO questions asked.

A couple of years ago we had a booth at the Arnold classic fitness expo in Columbus Ohio. During the expo we challenged guys walking by, some huge some average size to curl all four elastics (the max resistance) 40 times. Out of about 1000 only about 30 could do it and let me tell you something they all walked away raving about the product. They could not believe how well Bodylastics worked their muscles. You won't believe it either!

Just a couple of pics from the Arnold Classic

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