The door anchor is a Bodylastics component that will enable you to attach your bands to
any door that closes. This simple yet important feature will give you the ability to mimick
the best gym exercises. It is 11 inches long and is made out of nylon webbing and soft
foam. It will NOT harm your door and is designed to stay secure! When you combine this amazing component with our unique clip system, you have a strength training muscle working machine that has no equal. Click here to order now.
  Top View

Side View

To secure our exercise bands to the door you simply place the soft foam end
of the anchor inside the door and then just close the door. Once it is in, you
thread the exercise band(s) through the loop. It takes mere seconds to set up!
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4
Find any door. Hold
the door anchor with
the soft foam piece
away from you
Open the door and
place the soft foam
piece inside the
door. Then close
the door allowing
for the nylon loop
to come through
Open the nylon
loop and thread
the exercise band
through it.
Adjust the exercise
band(s) so the the
door anchor is in the middle and then clip
on the handles or
ankle straps
Look below to check out some of the amazing strength training exercises that you
can do with the Bodylastics door anchor

  Seated Back

Extension (Butt)

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