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About Fitness Equipment

Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Home Fitness Equipment - Shop smarter for fitness equipment that will help you achieve YOUR fitness goals. About Fitness Equipment offers tips on what to look for when choosing fitness equipment for home or personal use.

At Home Fitness

Equipment at Factory Direct Savings - Top rated Smooth fitness equipment will help you maintain a fitness routine in the safety and convenience of your home or office.

Bowflex highlights the 1.5 pound home gym that is the $50 Bowflex alternative. Work the same muscles for less!

Cheap Exercise Equipment

Why spend hundreds, even thousands on expensive gym equipment when you can have cheap exercise equipment that effectively works all of the same muscles - for less!

Cheap Home Gym

Want to get the best workout possible without spending a fortune. Try the amazing cheap home gym that can go head to head with the expensive large machines.

Compact Exercise Equipment

Can your exercise equipment fit in a bread box? If not come see our compact exercise equipment that is the size of a pair of shoes

Discount Exercise Equipment

Come see the discount exercise equipment that will work your muscles but won't break the bank!


exercise eqipment for innovative athletes.... specializing in weight sleds

Elliptical Trainer Home Fitness Equipment

Sculpt your body into beautiful shape.

Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are not just for aerobics classes anymore!

Exercise Stretch Bands

Work all of your muscles with the most simple form of an exercise machine - exercise stretch bands!

Exercise Tubes

All exercise tubes are not created equal. Some only generate one level of resistance and are good for a few exercises. Our system can replace an entire gym - believe it!

Exercise Tubing

Our unique exercise tubing design is adjustable so it can effectively work all major muscle groups

Fitness AV Your Fitness Audio Visual Experts

The leading supplier of Sound & Video systems to the fitness industry in Canada has the best selection of headset mics, pitch control CD & tape players, Cardio Theater, & accessories at the best prices.

Fitness Bands

If you are in the market for some amazing fitness bands you have got to see this amazing system.

Fitness Tubes

Why settle for inferior fitness tubes when you can have the incredible system that set the new standard.

Home Exercise Equipment

With so many companies making outrageous claims it's tough to sort through the clutter and figure out which home exercise equipment is the best. We've got it! Come and check it out.


Jimnayzeum Products is a Retailer of Sports & Nutritional Supplements, Bodybuliding, Accessories, Fitness Equipment, Braces & Supports, Therapeutic Aids, and Body Care Items. Stop by our "jimnayzeum" to help you reach all your health, wellness and strengthening goals.

*Jump USA!

This is America's #1 Sports Training Superstore! Increase Your Vertical Jump! Like Spiderman? YES! Says Ken Shamrock!

My Fitness Equipment

My Fitness Equipment for home exercise equipment ­ Get great deals on all types of home fitness and exercise equipment.

Portable Exercise Equipment

We manufacture and sell portable exercise equipment that will enable you to get a gym quality workout anytime, anywhere!

Portable Gym

Just because you are away from the health club does not mean that you should not get the same great workout that you are used to. Perform all of the best health club exercises anytime, anywhere with our amazing portable gym.

Resistance Bands

Resistance train and find the fountain of youth with resistance bands

Resistance Cords

Come and see the new resistance cords design that helps our product compete with the best home gyms costing thousands, instead of ordinary resistance cords

Resistance Training

Resistance training is no longer limited to pumping iron. Accomplish all of your physical goals with elastic bands

Resistance Tubes

It's time to throw away the old dusty weights and get the resistance tubes system that puts all others to shame!

Strength Training Equipment

Want to have an easier time picking up your children or carrying the grocery bags? How about having more power than your opponent? Enhance your muscles with the best strength training equipment.

Stretch Bands

Our stretch band design is so effective that we are more often compared to the best home gyms rather than other stretch bands.

Travel Exercise Equipment

Never miss a workout again with this versatile travel exercise equipment that weighs only 1.5 pounds

Travel Gym

Have you ever tried to look for a gym when you were away from home? Get an incredible workout in your hotel room or anyplace else with the #1 travel gym.

Workout Bands

Workout bands can replace the best home gyms but only if you have the right system. Come and take a look at the workout bands system that set the standard.

Workout Equipment

Get the best workout with the best workout equipment! Sculpt and shape every muscle group with this simple solution

Workout Routines

Keep your workouts fresh and effective. Find workout routines for every goal and lifestyle

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